Thirty seven. That’s the number of how many years an incredible man named Gerard Way has been on this planet. That’s the number said man is celebrating today.

37. Some of you can’t imagine to make it to that age. There were moments when Gerard was like you. The moments when he didn’t believe he would live to see the next day. But he did. Not only he made it to the next day, but also the day after and then the day after that,… And today he’s still here and he’s happy. He survived and with that he inspired (and still inspires) other people to do the same.

37. Is it old or is it young? Gerard is proof it’s neither (or you could say both). He’s still full of energy and life, doing crazy things. But he is also mature and responsible. He’s already achieved so many things, made a lot of hard decisions,…

This man’s managed to change the world, to save people’s lives. He is our hero. Everyday, he shows us beauty. Gives us hope. Inspires us to make art. Teaches us to believe in ourselves. Encourages us to do what we want to do. And he loves us.

And that’s why we all celebrate his 37th birthday with him today.


Okay, this deserves so many more notes than it has right now.